Neo Bomberman

Le jeu sur MAME-SCORE :

Battle Mode --> mamescore/view.php?r=neobombe.battle-mode

Some special moves

(RED, BLUE, WHITE and BLACK bomberman haven't special moves.)

ATOMIC: Button2+DOWN (when you use it, you lose your powers but sometimes you can survive to the explosions)

KOTETU: Button2+UP (the guy teleports, but you can't control where)

HONEY: Button2+UP (the heart-bombs, use this only when you've put one or more bombs, you can't control the bombs)

CAT: Button2+DOWN (keep pressed some seconds and release)

FAKE: Button2+DOWN (you can move when you're disguised)

Astuce de mike_myers --> mamescore/view.php?p=mike_myers

la_team. - MAJ 08/09/2006

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