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Nouvelle release de FP disponible

Seul changement: la date d'expiration (1/1/2011 donc demain) a été enlevé

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PinMAME 2.3 disponible

Disponible ici! Le site de PinMAME

Version 2.3 (December 24, 2010) - "Merry Christmas"
And here we are again at the end of another year for PinMAME; time flies!

And it was a good year for pinball and pinball emulation in particular:
Maddes moved the code repository from CVS to SVN on SourceForge,
and Randall Perlow joined the crew to work on the Micropin emulation,
which was perfect because he owns the real thing as well! :)

Also, there are finally some good reads for Astro's "Black Sheep Squadron"
(thanks to Dave from Alltek Systems), something I didn't believe I'd ever
see in my lifetime. The game is not that great actually, but we were hunting
for a good set of ROMs for like 10 years... ;)

Also: Brian got the speech ROM for "Caribbean Cruise" from Steve Young,
the missing DMD ROM for "Aaron Spelling" from Mike Pacak,
and built in support for Ed Cheung's WPC "ghosting" patch ROMs, which
should make for a clearer look in our emulated DMD display too.

Last but not least we found a sound ROM revision for Williams Space Shuttle
that corrects a bug in the previously known U49 dump which was provided by
WMS themselves! We're pretty sure that this ROM was patched by WMS themselves,
and probably used for most production games, only it apparently never made it
into WMS' official ROM database!


*** CORE/CPU ***
Added support for Micropin Pentacup [Randall Perlow]
Added dumpframes support to export DMD data to text file [Thanks to Toxie and Highrise]
(disabled by default, change DUMPFRAMES to 1 in core.c and rebuild to enable)
Added preliminary support for Stargame Mephisto (not working at all right now)
Added Christian Tabart sound support [Gerrit Volkenborn]
Added debugger option to access the internal RAM of I8039 CPU family [Gerrit Volkenborn]

Loads of new dumps here and there (see above for examples)
Williams Funhouse 9.05H and some other WMS clones
Bell: Super Bowl (based on Bally's X's & O's)
Taito: Ice Cold Beer (a non-pinball skill game)
Christian Tabart: L'Hexagone, using Gottlieb "Genie" ROM but adding a modern sound board
(thanks to Michel Achille, designer of that very board!)
Jac Van Ham: Movie Masters (sound ROM not dumped yet)
Juegos Populares: Olympus (sound ROMs only)
Micropin: Pentacup
Peyper: Wolf Man
Support for more Playmatic games (thanks to Basilio Garcia and Paulo Branco)
- Big Town / Party (those use the same ROMs as Last Lap)
- Antar (alternate set)
- Attack
- Black Fever
- Cerberus
- Rock 2500
- Spain '82
- Star Fire
- Trailer

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Une nouvelle version "majeure" d'un des front-end les plus populaires pour MAME vient d'être publiée. Le changelog est plus qu'impressionnant !

Si la mise à jour depuis une ancienne version est possible par "écraser/remplacer", il est tout de même recommandé de faire une installation toute propre, tout neuve

Site officiel: link ...
Sur arcadeHITS: --> ressources - id 15

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