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Visual Pinball devient Open Source...

Randy Davis abandonne son bébé et laisse Brian Smith (Destruk) libre de s'en occuper. Dans la foulée, VP est devenu Open Source:

Il va falloir quand même attendre un peu avant de savoir quelles nouvelles orientations vont être choisies...

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VP 9.0.7 disponible

Ca bouge pas mal du côté de Visual Pinball en ce moment (voir news suivante).
La nouvelle version est disponible ici:

VP 9.0.7 Changelog -- 9.0.6 skipped
emreel lock not loaded after save (noah)
ball needs to be allowed outside playfield area (scapino)
removed remaining minimum black masks for ramps, reels, images, lights, kickers, and top and side surfaces
Corrected volume control

Plunger scatter velocity requires global table difficulty to be >0
Global table difficulty valid values from 0.0 to 1.0 - affects amount of scatter on walls as well as plunger variance

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Vierzon 2010

Le 19ème salon de Vierzon se tiendra les 24 et 25 avril. Le thème de l'alignement flippers sera les Williams.


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3ème édition de Retro Game Alpes

Tout cela se passera du 14 au 16 mai au Fontanil, à quelques kilomètres de Grenoble.
Plus d'infos sur le site:

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Clrmamepro 3.132b disponible

A priori, il y a eu changement de site. Le nouveau est:

Un tuto est disponible ici:

Change log:
added: support for utf-8 encoding in xml datfiles
misc: agent name for http/ftp is now set to "cmpro"
fixed: www profiler can't load from php generated urls with ?
fixed: archive comments warning is still broken for rar files
fixed: wrong illegal download folder message on clean install
fixed: explore menu option opens an explorer path for not game specific warnings
fixed: www open popmenu option shows romname in url only in the 2nd try onwards
fixed: missing bytes column falsely appears in www profiler
fixed: archive comments warning is broken for rar files
added: basic support for HyperSpin dat files
added: optional warning about archives (zip/rar) with comments (compressor settings)
added: missing/available bytes display in profiler and html report
added: rebuilder advance option to not create set folder when rebuilding to decompressed sets
misc: changed renamewizard keep parent behaviour to "if the old set was a parent and is renamed to a non-parent in the new dat, you can use the option to allow this or not."
misc: show prompt after renamewizard modified a dat
misc: changed windows rect calculation which may solves weird border issue
misc: some minor code cleanup here and there
fixed: show wrong setname in download popupmenu
fixed: don't mark profile as green when a sysdefpath not assigned message pops up
fixed: separated biosfiles are wrongly counted as missing in fully missing sets

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