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Emulateur jeux vectoriels

AAE (Another Arcade Emulator) est un émulateur permettant de jouer à des jeux vectoriels.
Tout est mieux expliqué ici:

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Visual Pinball 9.0.5 disponible

La nouvelle version est disponible ici:

Version: 9.0.5

Author(s): Randy Davis, Chris Leathley, Rolle Cruz, Brian Smith

VP 9.0.5 Changelog
December 27, 2009 - updated VP9 for your playing amusement. Approved by Nanotech Entertainment.

1) Finalized PinballWizard and ushock motion controls - should be accurate for X/Y/Z axis and no more changes should need to be made to it again
2) added Plunger.MotionDevice scriptable property - 0=nothing connected, 1=PinballWizard, 2=uShock Board
3) Plunger.Position now returns a value from 0-25. No scripted math calculations are required.
4) Export Sound now works for all supported sound formats
5) EMReels now have overlapping transparency compatible with Randy's vp8.1 implementation
6) added Plunger.Visible property - this is not scriptable, but allows the plunger to not be rendered
7) Corrected key mapping for Add Credit 2 - you can now remap that key
8) Key Preferences screen is now properly fixed for accepting new keycodes - before if you clicked a bunch of buttons without pressing a key it looked messy with ???? in each clicked button field, now it is neater.
9) corrected crash to desktop error when table name was deleted from properties window - this error had existed since the inception of visual pinball
10) Reordering of table elements added - this will increase compatibility with ATI cards. This changes the rendering order of all table objects.
/RAMPS - needs more work
Textboxes are drawn first, EMReels are drawn second, Decals, Kickers, Acryllic Ramps are drawn last

11) Corrected issue with control points - left mouse button held down followed by right mouse button was not firing the left button release code routine, causing the undo buffer to skip all subsequent events.
12) Restored 16-bit display modes. Windowed mode uses your desktop color depth.
13) Translate now works for Textboxes and EmReels - select more than 1 item to get the option.
14) Updated compiler to VS Net 2008

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VpinMAME 2.2 disponible

Disponible ici:


*** CORE/CPU ***
Support for Capcom shaded lamps (using ChangedDMD array)
Reduced DE DMD clock to 2 MHz, making games & sounds sync better
Reversed EOS switches for F14 Tomcat
Corrections for shallow Gottlieb driver prototypes
Kiss prototype moved to own source file kissp.c
Re-added comments to byvidpin.c
Gottlieb 9-segment digits replaced with legible alphanumerics (in DEBUG
Added four more key columns (triggered by Q-Z through R-V combinations,
DEBUG only)
Added support to compile PinMAME with GCC 4.0, hopefully this will create
interest for someone to build a Linux version
Replaced void* by genf* for GCC 4.0

Gottlieb Strikes n' Spares (rev. 1)
Gottlieb World Challenge Soccer (disp. rev. 2)
Gottlieb Mario Andretti (prototype rev. 4)
Sega Wack-a-Doodle-Doo
Williams F-14 Tomcat (P-3, P-4)
Toptronic unknown game on Gottlieb System 3 hardware (not working?)
Sonic Solar Wars []
Playmatic Chance []
Williams The Machine: Bride of PinBot (L-3), thanks to Inkochnito
Sega X-Files (rev. 2.04), thanks to Inkochnito
WMS No Good Gofers (rev. 1.0), thanks to Steve Ellenoff

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C'est avec beaucoup de retard que je vous annonce la nouvelle version de notre émulateur préféré.

Désolé du retard 3-(

site officiel

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La bonne année à tous !

Au nom de toute l'équipe et de tous les habitués des lieux, je vous souhaite à chacun une bonne année 2010. Au delà des difficultés rencontrées par chacun d'entre nous, la santé et la bonne humeur seront les meilleures armes pour affronter les BOSS de l'arcade de tous les jours...

Le 31 décembre passé est sorti MAME 0.136
Les versions suivantes sont en place dans arcadeHITS:
- MAME 0.136 32 et 64 bits
- SDLMAME 0.136 multi-plateforme
- WOLFMAME 0.136 pour les scoreurs
- MAME UI 0.136 32 et 64 bits avec son interface graphique

Le 01 janvier 2010 est sorti KAWAKS 1.61
Cela faisait presque un an qu'aucun update n'avait été publié pour cet émulateur.

Meilleurs voeux de bonheur

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