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L'utilitaire et gestionnaire de roms ROMCENTER est passé en version 3.30
Au menu des ajouts depuis la précédente version:::

Bugs fixed:
- Creation wizard buttons replaced by standart buttons. This should fix the error under xp64
- Files merging sometimes returning errors
- Folder managment (display, fix ...)
- Time was displayed 2 times after the 'x roms removed' log
- Downgrade to db v (this should fix some database creation crash)
- Statistics form now display correctly
- Show the datfile analysis during its loading (datutil cleansing log)
- Datafile node name not correct after a dat update

- Trap loading exceptions
- Replace db components by a multithreaded-ready component (uib)
- Created a multithreaded framework to allow multithread operations
- New 'remove zip comments' operation. This is the first to use the new multithreaded framework
- Add a 'zip comment' column in files view
- Add a 'remove zip comments' option in fix settings
- link to wiki in 'help' menu
- gds32.dll is no more needed (smaller zip)
- Improve loading datas from datafile (two times faster)

Site officiel: link ...
Sur arcadeHITS: --> ressources - id 21

news de webmaster le 31/03/2009 @ 03:49 [stuff] 1 commentaires

Emuloader 5.7.4

Quelques jours seulement après la version 5.7.2 et 5.7.3, on passe à la version 5.7.4!
Correction de bugs et support de MAME 0.130u1, entre autres...
Nouvelles du site officiel:

March 16, 2009:
Small update. There's a bug when using small tool bar buttons (error at startup).
Grab the update package if you use the small tool bar button (no errors if using large tool bar)

March 21, 2009:
Small hot fix. Version 5.7.4 is up. The image resampler was not working with layouts view mode.
If you do not use layouts or this little bug doesn't bother you, no need to get this update.

New MAME changes requires a new front-end... :)
Support for MAME 0.130u1 (new CHD header, new CHD type "PCMCIA"). There's also a new games filter for the awesome Taito G-Net System. Since the new CHD format doesn't have MD5 checksum, you will need to create your MAME games list again. CHDs with header version 3 is still supported as EL now can read the header correctly... :)
The game details screen have been updated a little bit with more info
If you're using EL v5.7.1 or newer you can get the update package. No clean install is necessary.

news de Rousquilles le 23/03/2009 @ 13:35 [front-end] 1 commentaires

Emuloader 5.7.2

Le nouveau Emuloader vient de sortir!
Petit rappel si vous l'ignoreriez, Emuloader est un très bon Front-end pour MAME qui supporte aussi les émulateurs Model2, Zinc, Daphnée plus quelques autres que je ne connais pas .

Nouvelle du site officiel:
"Hi MAME fans. Time for another update.
Several important fixes on this one so, I recommend everyone to update. Here's the main changes/updates:
- Support for MAME 0.130
- Game selection bar, TreeView/ListView font color and alpha blend fixes for dark backgrounds
- New main tool bar button: "Screen Orientation" (horizontal/vertical)
- New options to create .ini files for left panel (screen refresh rate, year, manufacturer) and fixes to existing ones
- A bunch of UI fixes and adjustments

See the change log for more details. If you're updating from v5.7.1 please get the update package to minimize the server bandwidth. No need for a clean install."

Il conseille de fortement mettre à jour au vu des importantes corrections. Et de télécharger simplement le patch de l'Update si on a déjà la 5.7.1, pour économiser la bande passante .

news de Rousquilles le 16/03/2009 @ 17:02 [front-end] 1 commentaires

Changement d'adresse pour IR Pinball...

Le domaine hébergeant IR Pinball n'étant plus et ne réussissant pas à contacter l'administrateur dudit domaine, IR Pinball a été restauré sur une nouvelle adresse, à savoir:
Quelques fichiers FP sont pour le moment absent. On s'en occupe...

news de Popotte le 15/03/2009 @ 23:34 [flipper] 3 commentaires

VP-Man 5.35 disponible

Ce front-end gérant VP et FP est disponible dans une nouvelle version. Un site relooké lui est consacré:

Changelog for version 5.35:

* minor bugfixes
* included VP9 as separate emulation type (emulator combo-box in table input dialog)
* fixed font installation in distribute downloads dialog
* updated links dialog and added e-mail contact for VP-Man
* changed column name 'Played' to 'Launches' since the counter actually counts launches of a table
* changed column name 'Play Date' to 'Last played' since it actually displays the date a table was played for the last time
* extended hiscore.dat for displaying more highscores (wipeout, lwar_a83, dm_h6, hook_408, lw_208, tmnt_104, jplstw22, harl_a10, harl_a13, harl_a18, harl_a30, lah_112, rctycn, playboys)
* a video (to show some gui handling) is now available

news de Popotte le 15/03/2009 @ 14:15 [flipper] 2 commentaires

MAME 0.130 en ligne

Mise à jour des roms MAME en accord avec la nouvelle mouture 0.130
Les ajouts et/ou modifications sont plutôt impressionnants...
Suivez les commentaires pour la liste complète...

Dans ce premier post, voici déjà les...

Roms parents fonctionnelles:
• [abnudge] Animal Bonus Nudge (Version 1.7)
• [act2000] Action 2000 (Version 1.2)
• [anibonus] Animal Bonus (Version 1.8R Dual)
• [anithunt] Animal Treasure Hunt (Version 1.9R, set 2)
• [aoh] Age Of Heroes - Silkroad 2 (v0.63 - 2001/02/07)
• [apache3] Apache 3
• [atworld] Around The World (Version 1.3R CGA)
• [batrid] Armed Police Batrider (Europe) (Fri Feb 13 1998)
• [big10] Big 10
• [bkraidu] Battle Bakraid - Unlimited Version (U.S.A.) (Tue Jun 8 1999)
• [bottle10] Bottle 10 (italian, set 1)
• [buckrog] Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
• [caswin] Casino Winner
• [cfever1k] Casino Fever 1k
• [cfever40] Casino Fever 4.0
• [cfever50] Casino Fever 5.0
• [cfever51] Casino Fever 5.1
• [cfever61] Casino Fever 6.1
• [ch2000] Fruit Bonus 2000 / New Cherry 2000 (Version 3.9XT)
• [chleague] Champion League (Poker)
• [ciclone] Ciclone
• [classice] Classic Edition (Version 1.6R, set 2)
• [cmaster] Cherry Master I (ver.1.01, set 1)
• [cmv801] Cherry Master (Corsica, ver.8.01)
• [daisyari] Daisyarin [BET] (Japan)
• [dblchal] Double Challenge (Version 1.1)
• [ddungeon] Dangerous Dungeons
• [devstors] Devastators (ver. Z)
• [drtoppel] Dr. Toppel's Adventure (World)
• [extrmatn] Extermination (World)
• [fb2gen] Fruit Bonus 2nd Generation (Version 1.6XT)
• [fb2nd] Fruit Bonus 2nd Edition (Version 1.5)
• [fb4] Fruit Bonus 4 (Version 1.3XT)
• [fb5] Fruit Bonus 5 (Version 1.5SH, set 1)
• [fb6] Fruit Bonus 6 (Version 1.7E CGA)
• [fb6se] Fruit Bonus 6 Special Edition (Version 1.4R CGA)
• [fcnudge] Fruit Carnival Nudge (Version 1.7)
• [feversoc] Fever Soccer
• [finalapr] Final Lap R (Japan Rev. C)
• [fshark] Flying Shark (World)
• [funcube2] Funcube 2 (v1.1)
• [funcube4] Funcube 4 (v1.0)
• [galpani4] Gals Panic 4 (Japan)
• [galpans3] Gals Panic S3 (Japan)
• [girotutt] GiroTutto
• [himesiki] Himeshikibu (Japan)
• [hitice] Hit the Ice (US)
• [hldspin1] Hold & Spin I (Version 2.7T, set 2)
• [hldspin2] Hold & Spin II (Version 2.8R, set 2)
• [hvysmsh] Heavy Smash (Europe version -2)
• [igs_ncs] New Champion Skill (v100n)
• [igs_ncs2] New Champion Skill (v100n 2000)
• [imgfight] Image Fight (revision A, Japan)
• [kingdrby] King Derby
• [kkojnoli] Kkoj Noli (Kill the Bees)
• [ladylinr] Lady Liner
• [m_bdrwho] Dr.Who The Timelord (set 1, UK, Game Card 95-750-288)
• [macha] Monoshiri Quiz Osyaberi Macha (Japan)
• [mainevt] The Main Event (4 Players ver. Y)
• [makaijan] Makaijan [BET] (Japan)
• [masterw] Master of Weapon (World)
• [match98] Match '98 (ver. 1.33)
• [mfish_2] Multi Fish (040308, set 1)
• [midnrun] Midnight Run (Euro v1.11)
• [mjclub] Mahjong Club [BET] (Japan)
• [moneymac] Money Machine (Version 1.7R)
• [monopldx] Monopoly Deluxe
• [monopoly] Monopoly
• [newmcard] New Magic Card
• [nfb96] New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (set 1)
• [nobb] Noboranka (Japan, bootleg)
• [norautp] Noraut Poker
• [number10] Number Dieci (Poker)
• [onetwo] One + Two
• [parrot3] Parrot Poker III (Version 2.4)
• [pebe0014] Player's Edge Plus (BE0014) Blackjack
• [peke1012] Player's Edge Plus (KE1012) Keno
• [pepp0043] Player's Edge Plus (PP0043) 10's or Better
• [pepp0065] Player's Edge Plus (PP0065) Jokers Wild Poker
• [pepp0158] Player's Edge Plus (PP0158) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker
• [pepp0188] Player's Edge Plus (PP0188) Standard Draw Poker
• [pepp0250] Player's Edge Plus (PP0250) Double Down Stud Poker
• [pepp0447] Player's Edge Plus (PP0447) Standard Draw Poker
• [pepp0516] Player's Edge Plus (PP0516) Double Bonus Poker
• [peps0014] Player's Edge Plus (PS0014) Super Joker Slots
• [peps0022] Player's Edge Plus (PS0022) Red White & Blue Slots
• [peps0043] Player's Edge Plus (PS0043) Double Diamond Slots
• [peps0045] Player's Edge Plus (PS0045) Red White & Blue Slots
• [peps0308] Player's Edge Plus (PS0308) Double Jackpot Slots
• [peps0615] Player's Edge Plus (PS0615) Chaos Slots
• [peps0716] Player's Edge Plus (PS0716) River Gambler Slots
• [peset038] Player's Edge Plus (Set038) Set Chip
• [pex2069p] Player's Edge Plus (X002069P) Double Double Bonus Poker
• [pexmp006] Player's Edge Plus (XMP00006) Multi-Poker
• [pexmp017] Player's Edge Plus (XMP00017) 5-in-1 Wingboard
• [pexmp024] Player's Edge Plus (XMP00024) Multi-Poker
• [pexp0019] Player's Edge Plus (XP000019) Deuces Wild Poker
• [pexp0112] Player's Edge Plus (XP000112) White Hot Aces Poker
• [pexs0006] Player's Edge Plus (XS000006) Triple Triple Diamond Slots
• [pickwin] Pick & Win (Version 2.5T)
• [pipedrm] Pipe Dream (World)
• [pir2001] Pirate 2001 (Version 2.3N)
• [pir2002] Pirate 2002 (Version 1.8N)
• [pirpok2] Pirate Poker II (Version 2.0)
• [pitboss] The Pit Boss (Set 1)
• [pktet346] PK Tetris (v346I)
• [pokonl97] Poker Only '97 (ver. 3.3)
• [prehisle] Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (World)
• [psychic5] Psychic 5 (set 2)
• [pzletime] Puzzle Time (Prototype)
• [revx] Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94)
• [robadv] Robin Adventure (Version 1.5)
• [robadv2] Robin Adventure 2 (Version 1.5SH)
• [rockrage] Rock'n Rage (World)
• [roypok96] Royal Poker '96 (set 3)
• [schery97] Skill Cherry '97 (ver. sc3.52c4)
• [screenpl] Screen Play (ver. 4.0)
• [seawld] Sea World (Version 1.6R CGA)
• [sfbonus] Skill Fruit Bonus (Version 1.6)
• [sfruitb] Super Fruit Bonus (Version 2.0B)
• [sidebs2] Side By Side 2 (North/South America)
• [skill98] Skill '98 (ver. s98-1.33)
• [skullfng] Skull Fang (World)
• [sothello] Super Othello
• [spacedx] Space Invaders DX (US) v2.1
• [speedrcr] Speed Racer
• [spk116it] Super Poker (v116IT)
• [splatter] Splatter House (World new version)
• [supertr3] Super Triv III
• [sureshot] Sure Shot
• [tenkai] Mahjong Tenkaigen
• [tetriskr] Tetris (bootleg of Mirrorsoft PC-XT Tetris version)
• [tighook] Tiger Hook (Version 1.7XT)
• [tomcat] TomCat (prototype)
• [tour4000] Tour 4000
• [tour4010] Tour 4010
• [trvhang] Trivia Hangup (Question Set 1)
• [tshingen] Shingen Samurai-Fighter (Japan, English)
• [tutankhm] Tutankham
• [twincobr] Twin Cobra (World)
• [vball] U.S. Championship V'ball (US)
• [volfied] Volfied (World, revision 1)
• [zoar] Zoar

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QMC2 sur arcadeHITS

C'est à l'occasion de la nouvelle version de ce front-end Linux (QT4) pour SDLMAME et SDLMESS que je vous annonce le changement d'adresse du site officiel de ce projet open-source...

QMC2 est donc passé en 0.2b7 le 09 mars 2009

Suite aux récents et répétés problème d'hébergement sur mameworld, j'ai proposé au mainteneur de ce projet de le mettre en ligne sur le serveur de arcadeHITS, ce qui est maintenant fait depuis quelques jours...

Plus d'infos sur ce front-end: --> ressources - id 57
Le site officiel: link ...

news de webmaster le 11/03/2009 @ 14:54 [website] 2 commentaires

... la suite 0.130

Mise en ligne de ces émulateurs MAME
* SDLMAME 0.130
* MAMEPLUS 0.130

Le history.dat nouveau est disponible...
Ainsi que le catlist.ini (version english) 0.130

EDIT: Voici aussi le mameinfo.dat nouveau

news de webmaster le 11/03/2009 @ 14:26 [MAME] 0 commentaires

MAME 0.130

Sont déjà disponible de nombreuses versions du Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, mis en ligne ce Lundi 9 Mars...

Sont déjà en ligne sur arcadeHITS:
* MAME 0.130
* MAMEUI32 0.130 et MAMEUI64 0.130
* MAMEUI32Fx 0.130
* WOLFMAME 0.130

news de webmaster le 09/03/2009 @ 14:08 [MAME] 5 commentaires

Mame v0.130

Nouvelle mise a jour pour notre émulateur favori qui passe a la version 0.130:

Quoi de neuf:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00421: [Graphics] fghthist, fghthsta, fghthstj, fghthstu: Some
priority problems in Ryoko's stage. Namely, the old man, the
cat and the kid. (Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
- 02854: [Graphics] hypreact: Buggy text in scoring screen
(Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
- 00826: [Graphics] wc90b, wc90: Some players are cut at left and
bottom of the screen. (robiza)
- 00268: [Graphics] captaven: In attract mode, the small pictures of
the heroes appear before they should. (Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
- 03006: [Graphics] blocken: Color / Missing gfx (Phil Bennett)
- 02057: [Graphics] buckrog, buckrogn, zoom909, subroc3d: Graphics
Corruption on Title Screen + in game (using -AFS)
(Aaron Giles)
- 03001: [Interface] "Working clones" display problem (Aaron Giles)
Source Changes
Fixed a paletteram entry bug in GP World [Angelo Salese]
Fixed sprite positioning bug in Zero Target [Angelo Salese]
Added new graphic roms to the 1999 head panic set. Also added sprite
flicker flag, based on tumble pop etc. [David Haywood]
Add locations to rom names for Mazer Blazer (and alt) roms. Add
NO_DUMP entries for undumped voice roms, video prom, and pal.
[Lord Nightmare]
Preliminary proper roz effects hooked up for Zero Target
[Olivier Galibert, Angelo Salese]
Added function calls to replace the MIPS3 and PowerPC DRC's various
CPU_SET_INFO bits. [Aaron Giles]
Fixed DCS2 speedup handler so it doesn't get lost during a memory
remap. This should give a slight speed bump to the Seattle/Vegas games
and to War Gods. [Aaron Giles]
Added service1 button tested in Dynamite Bomber (but doesn't work in
game) and fixed little sprites priority problems in limenko.c
[Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Fixed a sprite bug when flip y flag is used and cleaned-up the whole
routine in Zero Target. [Angelo Salese]
Fixed sound regression in Tryout and removed deprecat.h dependancy
[Angelo Salese]
tms57002: Add two missing instructions and hack up the coef update.

The real way coefficient updates are handled is a little too complex
for now, but the hack throttles the update speed to the real rate
given the way konami uses it (once per sync). It's near impossible to
use it in a different way anyway. [Olivier Galibert]
Fixed bug that caused 64-bit PowerPC systems to fetch opcodes in the
wrong order. [Aaron Giles]
Fixed Analog settings so Digital and Autocenter Speeds are applied
properly in real time. Fixed Digital Speed = 0 so it increments in
single steps per button press. [Derrick Renaud]
Merged memory maps in the rpunch driver. [Aaron Giles]
Fixed PSX CPU disassembly of -$8000, it was showing up as -$0. [smf]
Allow chds to be directly in the rom directory without a subdirectory.

[Olivier Galibert]
wc90b1 and wc90b2 improvements: [robiza]
- sprite priorities
- sprite x position
- fixed y sprite wrapping
- fixed bg and fg scroll
- fixed bg and fg offsets
Fixed colors in Cultures (Jibun wo Migaku Culture School Mahjong Hen)

[Tomasz Slanina]
Refactored sfbonus and improved the inputs. [David Haywood]
Hooked up paletteram in Midnight Landing [Angelo Salese]

royalmah update: [Uki]
- added some notes
- fixed DIPSW of makaijan
- fixed visible area
- fixed CPU clock

Add muting just before saving the NVRAM, and de-mute just after
loading the NVRAM. Should cure the stuck sound issue for games
with large NVRAM. [Aaron Giles]
Added placeholders for the two PAL's on Atari's version of Pole
Position 1 and 2 (I could not read the last digit of the PAL at 5c.)

[Kevin Eshbach]
Added board numbers to SEGA's Quartet 2 documentation. [Kevin Eshbach]
Corrected the rom names for Tutankham. [Kevin Eshbach]
Hooked up 2D layer in Driver's Eyes. [Naibo Zhang]
Fixed Konami zr-107, GTI Club hardware, background layer lost (black sky). [Naibo Zhang]
New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Puzzle Time (Prototype) [Angelo Salese, Pierpaolo Prazzoli, Yoshi]

New clones added
Gals Panic S2 (Asia) [Andy Henderson]
Jansou (alt) [Uki]

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