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FP 1.9 disponible

La nouvelle release de FP (1.9) est disponible ici rubrique download.

Revision History..

Version 1.9.20081225

Changed installation directory in installer to "c:\games\future pinabll"
Added Arcade Camera
Fixed ball apearing in the centre of the table for 1 frame.
Added Dropped, Render and Collidable States to Surfaces (non playfields) and Walls
Surfaces (non playfields) / Walls can now have hit events
Added Top Outer wire to wire ramps
Added Flag to disable following of the ball by the camera
Added Rotate mode to primary display
Added Latest Table RSS Feed (Under the Help Menu). Many thanks to LvR and Moog at fpReleases for the feed.
Added Pinball 2000(tm) type Hologram Projector Overlay
Added Insert At functionality for Image lists
General Improvements and Bug fixes.

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RomCenter 3.20

Et voilà une MAJ de ce programme très utile et simple à utiliser pour mettre à jour ces roms |-).
Site officiel

ROMCENTER 3.20 released

Bugs fixed:
- roms of size 0 not recognized (status unknown)
- listview sorted by filename instead of description
- temp folder selection linked to archive folder.
- fixed problems when importing dats with special chars (':<>|*?/\)
- Remove extension hanlder (no more needed)
- Fix several bugs in sample handler
- Fix begin by Rezip (if enabled)
- Rezip also try to rezip corrupted archives
- Create a 'romcenter' folder if data folder is not defined at startup
- Rom size sometime 0 when using some plugins.
- Zipped CHD are moved to folder
- Fixed about/datafiles info and behaviour
- Pb when plugin return non-dos char in extension (ex: '??')
- Set default button on creation wizard
- better sample support
- Corrupted flag is reset during test and rezip operation
- Database nodes not refreshed when a file is deleted
- Display name of file to be tested in log
- Import roms in a zip from a folder
- Access violation sometimes after a fix

- migration to delphi 2009
- firebird database 2.1
- size marked as 'NA' if not available in dat
- new folder dialogs
- datutil version 2.44
- msvcp80.dll included
- Save listview column sort infos
- delzip new zip component migration started
- Realtime region/releases display in database nodes
- Fix button enabled in database with an info message (to avoid questions on forum)
- Added test and rezip function in shell menu
- New bigger icons
- Abort icon
- Check if files size exceeds 255 char
- Optimization in renaming roms

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