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RAINE 0.50.14

et une nouvelle version de RAINE !!!
Ce sera à priori la dernière version du cyle 0.50

Au menu, principalement des correctifs et améliorations sur les drivers cave et toaplan.
On notera aussi le retour d'une version raine pour MS-DOS, et oui

le site officiel: link ...
sur arcadeHITS: --> ressources - id 10

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RomCenter 3.00 final released

nouvelle version stable pour ce gestionnaire de roms

What's new from 3.00 rc2:

:arrow: Bugs fixed:
- drag & drop enabled when no dat loaded
- param form captions to small for some translation
- some log translation not handled
- empty db loaded when an error occur during db creation
- folders with ' in name are not loaded
- 'reload path' when 'files roms' selected does not refresh the status
- Non zipped files not counted in listview status bar
- Non-zipped 'expected filename' incorrectly showed when a plugin is used
- 'fix extension' option removed (useless and confusing)
- Xml error when loading some no-intro dat

:arrow: Added:
- help file
- up to date datafiles
- new 'maws' online db
- datutil 2.40

site officiel
Sur arcadeHITS: --> ressources - id 21

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On croyait ce front-end arcade, particulièrement adapté et dédié aux MAMEcab, arrivé en bout de course, la précédente (plus d'un an !) version se nommait "finale" !

et bien non, MAMEWAH reprend du service
Plus d'infos et téléchargement: --> ressources - id 66
Site officiel: link ...

Il existe également une version (pas vraiment une version, plutôt un port, un fork, une refonte ) linux, WAHCade, plus d'infos: --> ressources - id 67

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nouvelle sélection, par Rousquilles!

Une nouvelle sélection de flippers pour Visual Pinball, PinMAME est disponible !
Proposée par Rousquilles à qui on peut dire merci
Un mélange de tables modernes et anciennes (flipperless)

Je vous laisse découvrir tout cela: --> flippers - selection 21

Et avec cette sélection, arcadeHITS propose maintenant plus de 100 flippers !

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Model 2 emulator 0.7

Nouvelle version de cet émulateur sega model 2

More accurate emulation of some TGP by using the data tables from the mainboard. You'll need these
table roms in or inside the game zip. Thanks to Peabo for the donation of a Daytona board
that helped to understand how they worked. This has fixed most of the bugs in daytona usa (reverse and most
invisble wall hits) and sega rally (automatic transmission).
Improved color table decoding that gives more bright colors for some games.
Improved SCSP timing. It should be more accurate and musics should not sound out of sync anymore. As a
bonus feature I've left in a debug sound player that allows you to load a SSF (Saturn Sound Format) file
for playing. To use it, load a game using SCSP (model 2a,b or c) and enter test mode (so it doesn't send
sound commands) then press LeftControl+F5 and choose the ssf file to play.
Improved clipping. By moving to vertex/pixel shaders I've got rid of all the clipping issues that happened
with ATI video cards and recent NVIDIA ones. Remember to remove set SoftwareVertexProcessing to 0. You'll need
a pixel shader 1.1 and vertex shader 1.1 capable card. It's the lowest shader version so any video should work. As
a side effect of this change, there is only a geometrizer now, so the Geometrizer opion in the ini file is not used.
Fixed problems with textures ending in the lowest line of the texture sheet not being uploaded to direct3d (sega
rally black background in 2nd stage and topskater missing floors).
Added Wave Runner (Model 2C)
Added support for direct3d automimpap generation (see emulator.ini AutoMip option)
Added network emulation (see NETWORK section below)

* Model 2 Emulator v0.7. This package includes both the normal and MultiCPU versions exes.

site officiel: emulatronia
sur arcadeHITS: --> ressources - id 33

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La PUNCH CUP débute aujourd'hui !!! Vous pouvez encore participer ===> --> mamescore/home.php?show msc209

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