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news de popotte le 24/06/2007 @ 21:56 [flippers] 1 commentaires

CPS3 Emulator Preview Test version

Suite au gros travail de HAZE et de ELSEMI, sur le driver cps3, Sieur ELSEMI nous propose une version beta de son emulateur dédié exclusivement au cps3:

Capcom Play System 3 Emulator
by ElSemi

--- HISTORY ---

This is a preview version of my CPS3 emulator. Here you
can see the current work-in-progress state of the emulation.

There are still a lot of missing features to emulate properly
so don't report any emulation errors yet. The missing features
include (and the effect caused by them missing) :

Sprite Zoom: you'll see the sprite tiles (squares) not being properly aligned or with gaps
Fullscreen Zoom: Sometimes it seems like the camera is not pointing to the action
Per-tile palette selection: some colors (a lot in some games) are wrong
Priorities: objects that are over the background when they should appear behind
Linescroll: Floor 3D effect missing. SF32ndi scrolling letters in intro missing.
Linezoom: I don't know where is it used :)

--- USAGE ---

Usage is easy, just load emulator, select rom and play :).
Missing rom files will be reported in a console window.


Fixed Keys:

PAUSE - Pauses the emulator
while paused:
ENTER - Single step
SPACE - Unpause while held

SCROLL LOCK - Toggle framelimit
ALT-ENTER - Toggle Fullscreen (sometimes the emulator doesn't return from fullscreen.
press ALT-F4 to close it and windows will return to the original resolution)
F9 - Show speed (Frames per second and frame time)
CTRL-F9 - Show more stats
F8 - Even more
F7 - Toggle tilemap rendering (big speedup)
Keypad+ - Increase Frameskip
Keypad- - Decrease Frameskip

For the rest of the keys, check the input config screen after a game has been loaded (Game->Config Controls...).

Donc pour les options, vous l'aurez compris cela ce passe dans le fichier .ini (que vous modifierez a la main) accompagnant les deux émus, et oui deux !!!!! un pour les cpu classiques, et un gérant le (HT/DC) double coeur etc etc.....

Attention il s'agit encore d'une version beta

plus d'info et téléchargement: ...

Vous voulez en discuter ici sur le forum, voir ce thread:
--> forum/viewtopic.php?pid 46711#p46711

news de lole le 21/06/2007 @ 13:21 [emulation] 0 commentaires

datObase et 0.116 en général

Depuis hier, la migration vers MAME 0.116 s'est maintenant opérée concrètement sur arcadeHITS.

Voici les liens intéressants en ce moment

* La section émulation a vu arriver les émus et add-ons en version ... 0.116 ...
Sont un peu à la traîne SDLMAME et MAME32fx...

* 6 roms changées avec la version 0.116
La liste des jeux sur arcadeHITS maintenant estampillés MAME 0.116 ou supérieur

Un shooter à tester (pas eu le temps encore pour ma part, mais il est ajouté)
G-Stream G2020

* La datObase en général
* Les nouveaux jeux de la version 0.116
Pour le reste, c'est surtout des jeux "casino/societe/quizz"

news de webmaster le 13/06/2007 @ 23:13 [MAME] 0 commentaires

MAME v0.116

Nouvelle version pour MAME qui passe a la 116:


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
oscar0111u3yel [ShimaPong]
toypop0115u4red [Aaron Giles]
profpac0115u4gre [Aaron Giles]
seawolf2_0115u2gra [Aaron Giles]
konek0115u4yel [Aaron Giles]
9ballsht0115u3gre [Aaron Giles]
csuperas0104u7gre [ShimaPong]
exerion0112u4yel [ShimaPong]

Source Changes
Major Donkey Kong driver update: [couriersud]
- Implemented discrete sound from schematics: dkong, radarscp
- Implemented discrete background from schematics for radarscp and
various effects:
- blue to black to blue background
- exact priorities
- Grid will flip open and close, vertical flipping on hit.
- Changed inputs for radarscp
- Color generation from schematics (resistor mixer) for
radarscp, dkong, dkongjr and dkong3

Added new components to the discrete sound system: [couriersud]
- Added a "inverter oscillator" component. This can also be used as
a raw sine generator - needed by radarscp.
- Added a "integration circuit" based on transistor and RC
- Added a "modulated RC discharge" component.

Removed unused return value from VIDEO_START callbacks.
[Zsolt Vasvari]

Improved independence of CPU and sound core variants in order to make
them more properly separated by the existing compile-time flags.
[Atari Ace]

More TIA updates from MESS: [Wilbert Pol]
- Rewrote drawing of playing graphics
- Improved handling of player graphics reset signals
- Improved handling of HMOVE signals

Updates to Change Lanes: [Adam Bousley]
- fixed the broken graphics
- fixed the dipswitches
- hooked up the steering wheel controls
- made some changes to the sprite and text layers based on schematics

Fixed up a number of places where malloc results weren't being checked
correctly. [Atari Ace]

Renamed palette_set_color() to palette_set_color_rgb().
palette_set_color() now matches palette_get_color() and deals in
rgb_t data only. Also changed palette_set_colors() to deal with rgb_t
data instead of R,G,B triples. [Aaron Giles]

Flattened colormap and palette in the 1942 driver. [Aaron Giles]

Removed usage of unsigned char/short/int from the drivers code in
favor of UINT8/UINT16/UINT32.

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mahjong G-Taste [David Haywood]

New clones added
Buzzard [Zsolt Vasvari]

De quoi patienter en attendant le décryptage complet du cps-3.

site officiel: ...

news de lole le 11/06/2007 @ 20:08 [MAME] 0 commentaires

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