Samurai Shodown

Samurai Spirits
(c)1993 SNK
Made by: t65will
Correct by: Fabricio da Silva Coroquer
Conversion script for arcadeHITS by webmaster
Last Update: March 30th, 2009


: Weak Slash
: Medium Slash
: Weak Kick
: Medium Kick
: any Slash Button[ / / ]
: any Kick Button[ / / ]


:   press Forward
:   hold Forward

:   tap following Button repeatedly

:   must be done close from foe
:   must be done in the air

:   press the motions together
[/]:   use any motions between the "[]"
:   follow with this move
W:   Weapon is Required to perform move

must be done close

:Air Throws:
you and your foe must be close in the air

Common Commands

:Normal Attacks:

Strong Slash W

Strong Kick




Secret Characters

*Play with Amakusa Shiro Tokisada
- playable only with Cheats

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