Red Earth

(c)1996 Capcom
Made by: Fabricio da Silva Coroquer
Conversion script for arcadeHITS by webmaster
Last Update: August 19th, 2009


: Weak Punch
: Medium Punch
: Strong Punch
: Weak Kick
: Medium Kick
: Strong Kick
: Change Orb
: any Punch Button[ / / ]
: any Kick Button[ / / ]
: 3Punch Buttons


:   press Forward
:   hold Forward

:   hold following Button

:   must be done in the air

:   press the motions together
[/]:   use any motions between the "[]"
:   follow with this move

must be done close

:Mystic Combo:
needs 1 Orb

:Experience Moves:
only be done after reach the LV

all abilities gained on 32 Levels

:Secret Weapons:
Tips to get a secret weapon

Common Commands





Super Jump

:Recovery Moves:

Moving Get Upknocked[ / ]

:Pursuit Moves:

Chase Attackfoe down

:Guard Moves:

Ultimate Guard

Counter Attackwhen struck

:Other Moves:

Mystic Force(1Orb)

Enemy Powers

- Weak Point: Lightning
- Resistance: Wind
*Gi Gi
- Weak Point: Lightning
- Resistance: Poison
- Weak Point: Ice
- Resistance: Fire/Lightning
*Havange (Secmeto on Japanese Version)
- Weak Point: Wind
- Resistance: Poison/Fire
*Hydron (Nool on Japanese Version)
- Weak Point: Fire
- Resistance: Ice/Lightning
- Weak Point: Ice/Lightning
- Resistance: Fire/Poison
*Lavia (Luan on Japanese Version)
- Weak Point: Lightning/Poison
- Resistance: Wind/Fire
*Scion (Valdoll on Japanese Version)
- Weak Point: Nothing
- Resistance: Everything


"1"= "2"= "3"=
"4"= "5"= "6"=
"Y" = "Yashichi", which is input by
"M" = "Mobi-chan", which is input by
*LV 32 + a lot of Vs. points
Kenji   63141 24524
Leo   41545 44443
Legend, Flaming, Frozen Sword and Demon Axe
Leo   41545 44453
Legend, Frozen, Thunder Sword and Demon Axe
Leo   41545 44463
Legend, Flaming, Thunder Sword and Demon Axe
Mai Ling   13126 44354
Tessa   46321 54544
Sun Wand
*Jump to Staff Roll
Kenji   22222 YMYMY
Leo   11111 YMYMY
Mai Ling   33333 YMYMY
Tessa   44444 YMYMY
*No LV Gaining
Kenji   YYYYY M321M
Leo   YYYYY M123M
Mai Ling   YYYYY M456M
Tessa   YYYYY M654M
*Power Fight Mode (enemy deal 1.5 damage)
Kenji   2MMM2 2YYY2
Leo   1MMM1 1YYY1
Mai Ling   3MMM3 3YYY3
Tessa   4MMM4 4YYY4
*Ultimate Battle Mode (enemies more difficult)
Kenji   2Y2Y2 3M3M3
Leo   1Y1Y1 2M2M2
Mai Ling   3Y3Y3 4M4M4
Tessa   4Y4Y4 5M5M5

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