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Tiens!!! Tiens!!!
Du nouveau chez Emuloader:

-The wait is finally over!!!! :D
Version 4.7 is here with tons of changes and a totally new core. As many of you already know, Emu Loader now support 4 different arcade emulators: MAME, ZiNc, Daphne and AGEMAME.
Basically, this version works exactly the old ones but with a cleaner and user friendly interface. But I suggest you read the documentation carefully before using the frontend as a lot of things have changed... for the best, of course. Warning: as of this version, 256 colors icons are no longer supported, except for MAMu_ icons. DOS MAME support has also been removed.
Remember, you need to do a clean install to avoid future problems. For those who have favorites and parental lock lists, there is an utility available in the downloads page to convert your files for v4.7 (UpdateEL_47).
And for those who need some help, there is a small installation guide in the "docs" folder called "el-quick-setup-quide.txt".

Moi l'anglais c'est pas trop mon fort big_smile , mais peut être que vous....

Le site officiel:  http://www.mameworld.net/emuloader/
emuLoader dans arcadeHITS: http://www.arcadehits.net/index.php?p=f … &id=15

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